Interactive Event Management

Jet Set Studio coined the term “video game event management” to describe our unique and professional services.  This catered and effective event management service has taken Jet Set Studio all around North America, as people everywhere are starting to understand the magnetism of video games.

Jet Set Studio is able to effectively develop or enhance your events with the excitement of video game tournaments.  We offer a friendly, experienced, and professional service that gives your organization a progressive way to meet the demand for serious traffic, brand visibility, and fundraising goals!  Jet Set Studio has an ultra-wide spectrum of events we’ve been involved with and here are some of the most common situations where Jet Set Studio can bring your ideas to life.

Event Development

  • Corporate Entertainment
    Do you have a corporate event that needs an interactive element to entertain attendees?...
  • Fundraising Events
    Are you looking for unique and effective ways to raise money for your organization?...
  • Educational Events
    Interested in interactive ways to promote student networking, learning, and entertainment?...
  • Conference Booths
    Want to magnetize a crowd and bring attention to your area at a business convention?...
  • Large-Scale Events
    Is it time to go big? Want to expand your gaming event into an established brand?...
  • Speaking Engagements
    Looking for a unique and experienced speaker to ignite your attendee's imagination?...
  • Customer Appreciation
    Why not host something interactive to go along with those delicious cocktails and h'orderves?...
  • Brand Visibility
    Looking to showcase your brand within the loyal, yet hard to reach "gamer demographic"?...
  • Consulting Support
    Unable to invest in our on-site event management services, but still want to collaborate on your event?...
  • Crazy Awesome Ideas
    Have a crazy awesome idea that just must be expanded upon with experience and intelligence?...


The Proven “Jet Set” Strategy

Initial Consulting
The most important process for any sort of event is the initial planning process.
Plug into our engaged networks to showcase your events in a meaningful way.
Gaming stations, streaming equipment, and much more can be provided for your event.
Jet Set Studio travels to live events in order to insure the entire concept goes to plan.
Event Management
Jet Set Studio arrives on-site to setup equipment and to help manage the event.
Post-Event Highlights
Great events aren’t complete, until media highlights are captured and presented.