Corporate Entertainment

Good ideas for corporate entertainment are easy, but if you’re looking for GREAT ideas, then we’re glad you’re here.  We understand that you can always do what you did last time, but why not consider ideas that utilize the magnetism of video games and leave your attendees engaged, excited, and motivated?!

Jet Set Studio offers affordable, event-enhancing solutions that will energize your corporate event and entertain any amount of attendees!  Even if your organization needs to implement something quickly, Jet Set Studio can support your team and help make your next corporate entertainment event great.  Jet Set Studio specializes in providing catered, professional-grade video game elements within existing corporate events.  We bring a unique and entertaining experience to corporate events such as:

  • Annual Conferences & Conventions
  • Networking Events & VIP Gatherings
  • Ribbon Cuttings & Open Houses
  • Employee Retreats & Incentive Trips

Our dedicated team is experienced in the overall event development process, so yes, we’re able to implement an ultra cool gaming element into your next event, but we are also able to support the overall event development process as well!  Before you lock in your next corporate event, no matter the location or type of event, check out our Event Portfolio and contact us to discuss ways we can collaborate this year!