Collaborating with Jet Set Studio opens the door to valuable online visibility, viral marketing strategies, conference booth ideas, and direct access to the “gamer demographic”.  Your organization will also benefit from Jet Set Studio’s engaged networks within video game industry.  Working with Jet Set Studio has been described as “flipping the ON switch for your ideas” and Ben McDougal has been described as “the nice guy who knows everyone”, so along with our collaborating on your video game events, here are the primary products that Jet Set Studio has built and manages.

Tournament Seeker

Tournament SeekerLaunched September 1, 2012, Tournament Seeker is an all-new concept we are passionately excited about.  After being engaged within the eSports scene for so long, we recognized a gap forming between event organizers and the gamers they were trying to connect with around the world. is the result of our efforts to bridge this gap and is truly an innovative concept ahead of its time.

In short, this unique online asset can be thought of as an authoritative aggregator and search engine for the competitive video game community.  This powerful, yet easy-to-use resource provides great insight for players, with even more resources for people developing gaming events around the world.

This is an all-new concept.  The feedback from both event organizers and gamers alike, has fueled our ongoing development efforts and may just be what Jet Set Studio was destined to provide the world of video games.

Gathering of Gamers

Gathering of GamersJet Set Studio was established to support the video game community at  As Gathering of Gamers launched on August 28, 2007, which was the age of MySpace, the goal was to provide a friendly and easy-to-use environment, where gamers around the world would come together and destroy the stereotypes of that dark, lonely person that only stays home and plays video games in the basement.  We allow users to present and share their video gaming adventures and connect with others who share their video game passion.  We also wanted to provide gamers with direct connectivity to different types of businesses that offered video game related products or services.

As this video game community continues to expand, so did the visibility of this website on all major search engines.  Today, is highly ranked as an authority for meaningful key phrases such as “video game tournaments”, “video game community”, video game event management”, “social network for gamers”, and many more.  By connecting into this asset from Jet Set Studio, your organization can expand the visibility of your own online outlets.

Along with the natural optimization effects of plugging into this product from Jet Set Studio, when you are represented within, your business will not just be considered another annoying banner ad.  You’ll be represented in an intimate community that understands that your organization’s involvement is what drives the entire vision forward…and we’ve found that can really churn powerful loyalty.  Contact Us to learn more about how we can plug you into one of the most established video game communities on the web.

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