About Jet Set Studio

Jet Set Studio is a mature startup that manages two online products and offers one professional service.  The passionate team at Jet Set Studio is proud to consistently serve our valued clients with a focused brand vision.


When you consider a partnership with Jet Set Studio, expect the very best!


Jet Set Studio was established in 2007, to support the launch of the video game community at Gathering of Gamers.  As this social network for gamers grew, it was determined that video game events would be an opportunity to connect real people into this growing online community.  Since then, Jet Set Studio has expanded what is now called Video Game Event Management.  We are perhaps the only company that does what we do, which has lead to meaningful partners all around North America.

In 2012, Jet Set Studio launched another breakthrough concept.  Tournament Seeker is an innovation ahead of its time.  This application is best described as aggregation for the competitive gaming community, but is also referred to as a search engine for eSports. In short, Tournament Seeker bridges the gap within the competitive gaming community and may just be what Jet Set Studio was destined to provide the world of eSports.

Please take a moment to check out our Event Portfolio, which showcases the ultra-wide variety of video game events Jet Set Studio has managed around North America.  Our company is committed to building a long-lasting partnership with your organization, so Contact Us today and let’s get the conversation started.

The Team

 Ben McDougalBen McDougal, Founder and CEO of Jet Set Studio, has been balancing a career in web development, marketing, and the video game industry since receiving his Computer Science degree in 2004.  Ben is a serial entrepreneur in the Silicon Prairie and has business development experience in almost every market.  His energetic and personalized approach makes collaboration with Jet Set Studio effective and easy to understand.  His professionalism and attention to detail insures that everything is done on point and according to plan.


ZachEllsburyZach Ellsbury, CTO at Jet Set Studio, is a programming prodigy, but a family man at heart.  He has helped take our innovative products to new heights and has been supporting the company’s technological needs since the beginning.  After receiving his Computer Science degree from Iowa State University, Zach attended FIEA and received his Masters degree in Interactive Entertainment.  It’s amazing that a variety of video games now have his name in the credits, yet he still plays a key role on the Jet Set Studio team.


GoGCommunityJet Set Studio is truly community-driven.  This gives our company the unique capability of engaging staff members from all around North America.  Using trained, yet localized staff saves you money, while allowing us to tap into a larger pool of talent.  Jet Set Studio may be looking to expand the full-time team, but this “general contracting-like” formula of partnering with our amazing affiliates, is a team-building strategy that really works.

Message From The CEO

Jet Set Studio - Ben McDougal

“Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about Jet Set Studio!  Since 2007, our team has been involved with so many exciting things and we’re proud to collaborate with amazing clients all around North America.

If you’re considering ways to engage your attendees, make your event memorable, build your brand’s visibility, or simply utilize the magnetism of video games, I personally invite you to contact our company.”


Celebrating 10 Years!

“State of Now”

In 2017, Jet Set Studio celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary!  We continue to represent a polished and driven passion to endlessly provide our clients and the community with professional-grade products and service.

Jet Set Studio is excited about the future of Tournament Seeker, our interactive event management and the expansion of the video game community and eSports as a whole.  Cheers to disruption by innovation!