Inspired By Fred Wilson

Tournament Seeker was launched only a few months ago (9/1/2012), but Jet Set Studio is already releasing the first round of post-launch development on this ground-breaking resource for the competitive video game community.  We’re proud to share that the latest enhancements to our search engine-like application, were inspired by a recent discussion with Fred Wilson! Wilson is an iconic venture capitalist and a principal of Union Square Ventures, which is based in downtown New York.  In our initial discussion, Fred spoke about providing users a more guided and direct experience, especially with the event search and calendar features.  With Mr. Wilson unique insight in mind, we now allow users to utilize the search features on every page and broke Tournament Seeker into two primary areas.  One section is called the Player Portal, which is dedicated to gamers looking to compete in live and online gaming tournaments.  Another valuable area is called the Organizer HQ, which as the name describes, is a goldmine for event organizers worldwide.

We appreciate the motivation from such a visionary and we look forward to the potential of building our relationship with Fred and his firm.  More Tournament Seeker features were implement and the full report is showcased on this official news post:

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