Dear Des Moines

Dear Des Moines,

This weekend (May 4-5, 2013), our Iowa-based company is headed back to Niagara Falls, Canada to manage an annual video game event hosted by the District School Board of Niagara.

Jet Set Studio has developed UGC Niagara to be a long-term fundraiser that directly supports education, charities, and economic growth in Niagara Falls.  This interactive event is ultra unique, but don’t just take our word for it…

Along with over 1,000 live attendees, our professionally produced live stream ( is something few in our community understand.  Watching a live stream is similar to watching any live event on TV, but differs in that it’s an exciting online experience driven by a dramatically increased level of user interactivity.  Online viewers are further engaged by live chats, commentary, sponsor-driven commercials, and tons of online sharing.

Why do we share this quick insight on live streaming?  Because the amount of engaged traffic live streaming can generate is truly amazing.  We have had 550,000+ and 475,000+ viewers at our last two weekend events, and we plan to literally have over 1,000,000 viewers at UGC Niagara this weekend, over on

You need a call to action?

Consider this an invitation.  An invitation to try something brand new.  An invitation to experience what makes “eSports” so unique.  Perhaps even an invitation to consider presenting your business as a lifestyle brand within this active demographic that almost no one understands how to reach!

Why do we share all this?

Did you know that Des Moines has hosted one of the Midwest’s largest eSports events the last three years?  Since 2010, The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge has been built with the same mojo as UGC Niagara, yet it is being starved for resources because of the lacking awareness here in Iowa.

Therefore, from one Iowan to another, we urge our progressive community to band together and ensure eSports is welcomed in our state for years to come.  We truly hope UGC Niagara will inspire us all this weekend and hope you’ll contact us to let us know what YOU think.  Cheers to the home we love…Des Moines, Iowa!

Ben McDougal
Founder & CEO
Jet Set Studio

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