Xbox One Contest Announced

Today we made it official.  The first contest over on Tournament Seeker was announced, with 1st Place including the Xbox One…which yes, is still a rumor for later this holiday 2013.


The contest itself is still growing, but it’s already been exciting to share the big prize packages.  Graphics for the official Xbox One Contest page were fun to create today, and we had fun sharing the announced contest with a few initial eSports community leaders.  Having select allies jump out and start sharing it on Twitter, which was just three friends share it to a total of 37,500 followers!

Even so, one of the coolest developments from today’s announcement, was how quickly search engines (like Google) picked up on the news.  Imagine the amount of people who may be searching for a term like “Xbox One Tournaments”.  Being ahead of the times with powerful SEO is what our firm does to provide the most value with Tournament Seeker.  Good luck!

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