UGC Niagara Preview

UGC Niagara, coming May 4-5 to Niagara Falls, Canada, will be our largest event in company history.  Jet Set Studio announced UGC Niagara 2 a long time ago, but this second annual event that directly support educational and charity organization, has generated more hype and community excitement than we can organize into this single post.  Perhaps this venue photo is a good way to kick off our formal preview…


We’ve been building this encore event ever since it was announced at the end of UGC Niagara in 2012, during this interview between our CEO, Ben McDougal, and Dino Miele.  As our entire team prepares for something amazing up in Canada, here are a few highlights that have already caused quite a stir over the past few months…

– 32 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 team passes, sold out through online registration, three weeks before the event.

– After hearing an outcry for a larger bracket, we made this announcement and sold out of 16 new Black Ops 2 team passes…in under 10 minutes!  Later, we released another 16 passes and sold out once more!

– The Halo community was a bit slow to lock in, so we deployed a similar strategy to what worked with Call of Duty.  We unlocked 16 Halo 4 team passes with this announcement on Twitter, and sold out that same evening.

– We’ve sold over 100 team passes through online registration alone.

– Besides ultra-exciting team pass sales and full brackets for three separate video game divisions, we’ve also established an impressive line-up of meaningful UGC Niagara Sponsors.

– We’ve always been fueled by the community, so we’re extra excited about not only all the great players attending from around North America, but that we were also able to make Spectator Passes free of charge.  We expect to to hit full capacity and that should make for some interesting highlights for sure.

– There are few people in the eSports industry that bring more klout than the leading commentators we’ve commissioned to lead our professionally-produced live stream.  Names like GoldenBoyFTW, Hastr0, Walshy, Rambo, and more will entertain online viewers all weekend long.  Our own BENovator may pop on camera throughout the weekend as well.

We hope you’re able to join us for this epic event, May 4-5.  If you’re unable to attend, we’d encourage you to tune in as we entertain with the excitement of eSports, showcase some awesome live giveaways, and present UGC Niagara in a whole new way.  To plug into the action all weekend long, please visit (and share)

Connect 2013As cool as UGC Niagara will be, we’re perhaps most proud of the fact that this video game event has spawned another regional event that is focused on education, learning, and technology.

Connect 2013 is a Canada-wide convention that is the Monday and Tuesday after UGC Niagara.  Our interactive gaming event is literally launching a whole new event that has everyone in the education and technology world talking.  This folks, is why we consider the DSBN one of the most progressive school districts in all of North America, eh!

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