Event Portfolio

Do you want to engage your attendees with an interactive experience that will have them talking about your event?

Jet Set Studio provides entertaining experiences that will entertain your attendees in a whole new way!  Below are a few quick examples of how we utilize the magnetism of video games to conceptualize, develop, promote, and manage a variety of amazing events.  We’ve included linked icons associated with the type of events as well.

JetSetStudio-ClientPortfolio-UGCNiagaraUGC Niagara

This was Jet Set Studio’s first international event.  This annual, large-scale event is a powerful fundraiser for The District School Board of Niagara and perhaps one of the best examples of how we’re able to take a good idea and make it truly amazing.

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At a small IT conference in Baltimore, Maryland, Microsoft hosted a one-night VIP party for clients who were attending the convention.  With a slightly older demographic, we implement a fun retro gaming experience that took cocktail hour to a whole new level.





The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge

This is a special event.  Since 2009, Jet Set Studio has developed, promoted, and managed this large-scale event in Des Moines, Iowa.  Almost acting as an incubator for great ideas which we are now providing clients around North America, The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge (also known as “TIPGC”) has become a staple for what Jet Set Studio is able to do on a grand stage.






Microsoft Tech-Ed is one of the world’s largest IT conventions.  Brocase, a publicly-traded company, collaborated with Jet Set Studio to outfit their Platinum Level booth with an exciting video game experience that brought unmatched attention to their booth, at which time their staff was able to more effectively communicate their products and service with interested attendees.

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JetSetStudio-ClientPortfolio-CMULeadershipSafariCentral Michigan University

Each year, Jet Set Studio travels to Michigan to host a Freshman orientation event within Central Michigan’s Leadership Safari program.  Students network together and enjoy video game excitement as they get acquainted with college life.





BlackBerry partnered with Jet Set Studio to produce an interactive video game element within a customer-focused social event at IBM Lotusphere in Disney World.

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 JetSetStudio-ClientPortfolio-MassiveIncMassive Inc.

Although Massive Inc. was shut down by Microsoft in 2010, this was one our most memorable events.  Together with Creative Maven, we produced a concert-style video game tournament for this digital media agency in New York City.

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Lutheran Church of Hope

Jet Set Studio brought an entertaining video game experience into one of Iowa’s largest church’s annual summer festival.  We provided family-friendly games for the church and their community.





Bostons Pizza

Jet Set Studio collaborated with this international restaurant chain to provide small, monthly gaming tournaments, which was a creative way of bringing more customers into to the restaurant and build community awareness of their brand.






Sub Sonic Social

Imagine a concert that includes a live gaming exhibition for party people to enjoy while also raging to their favorite beats.  In short, that’s what we do with this monthly EDM event by providing a small amount of rotating gaming stations at the event.

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