Educational Events

Jet Set Studio collaborates with high schools and universities all around North America.  We’ve partnered with our affiliates to provide educational fundraisers, freshman orientation events, and even after-prom activities.

We know it’s challenging to find safe entertainment that students will enjoy, but we have found that strategically-planned video game event can make you a hero in your community and make students rejoice as well!

In fact, along with the exciting entertainment factor, there are unforeseen benefits for video game events and/or educational fundraisers at your school or university.  Jet Set Studio not only bring people together in an engaging way, but supports students as they broaden their networking, teamwork, business, and communication skills.

Don’t believe us?  Check out the video below, as our company’s President and CEO interviews Dino Miele from the District School Board of Niagara, after we developed and managed UGC Niagara in 2012.