FOR SALE: is For is a social network dedicated to a world of video game enthusiasts. This custom-built platform has become somewhat outdated and after seven years of developing this video game community, needs a new life cycle.

Jet Set Studio is now entertaining offers for the complete acquisition of this website and all related materials. Here are a few highlights of what would be included in the sale of

1. All four domain names (created 2007, expiring 2016)
2. Entire website, including all design files and PHP code
3. Full user database (7,800+ email verified accounts)
4. Established brand, marketing, and client materials (15GB+)
5. Valuable search engine visibility (ex: video game community, video game tournaments)

Wondering if this is an opportunity for you? As we consider ideal candidates for this acquisition, here are four things that may help you and your team maximize this investment:

1. Programming & design capabilities
2. Existing video game community or video game related website(s)
3. Great communication skills and ability to build communities
4. Interest in forging a path into the video game industry

We could not be more thankful for all the amazing people this video game community has introduced us to over the years. We’ll be sad to see GoG go, but at the same time, truly energized by the idea of a new owner giving so many great gamers a new place to gather!

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, we invite you to fill out the form below.


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