Back In The Lab!

Since our last event at Central Michigan University, Jet Set Studio has been quietly brewing up something special.

Tournament Seeker - Mad Scientist (250x250)Tournament Seeker has proven to be the product we were always meant to build.  This online resource is our effort to bridge tournament organizers and people looking to compete.  Since we released Tournament Seeker into the wild late last year (9/1/2012), this clean, yet powerful website has proven to be an interesting, community-driven concept.  Here are a few things that have us excited about the current’s version that has become somewhat of our “proof of concept”.

  • Steady growth in website traffic
  • Kind words from the community
  • Continued dominance on search engines
  • Alignment of new meaningful partnerships
  • Expanding brand awareness

After a year of watching this little monster come alive, eSports events around the world continue to inspire and our recent radio silence has been spent wisely.  As we’ve watched allies having successful live events and organizing some of our own new events for 2014, the lab here at Jet Set Studio has something pretty awesome brewing.

The notable news is that Jet Set Studio has announced another round of funding to refine what Tournament Seeker can really become for event organizers worldwide.

In the lab, our team has been working on a greatly enhanced version of Tournament Seeker!  We’ll have all the details soon, but since we’ve been working on this since September, we do have a sneak peak of what’s most exciting about this follow-up version of Tournament Seeker.

All-New API Structure

Complete restructuring Tournament Seeker onto a flexible API platform will open the flood gates to possibilities.  By collaborating with developers worldwide, Tournament Seeker will be an expandable platform for creative innovators to take great data to new heights!

Mobile apps and website embedding tools, such as a WordPress plug-in, are a few of the initial ideas we’re excited about, but we’re most excited to see smart people experiment with the limits of what Tournament Seeker can be.  We truly believe this will result in amazing things.

Market Expansion


A long-term strategy for Tournament Seeker was to build a tool that could reach far past the video game industry.  To date, Tournament Seeker has solely served the video gaming community.  This has been an excellent sandbox to learn how an application can most effectively provide this communication bridge we continue to speak about.

Tournament Seeker spawned from our experience developing, promoting, and managing interactive events that use video games to bring people together, but you may not realize our company’s roots come from developing a regional 3v3 soccer tournament in Iowa.

Understanding that almost every sport or competitive hobby has a community of enthusiasts wanting to compete, imagine if Tournament Seeker was a tool for the masses.  From A-Z, all event organizers developing events for the community they love may soon be able to more effectively promote their events.  In turn, people seeking competitive tournaments will more easily find more events to participate in.

Our Elephant In The Room

An important thing we have not determined yet, is how to strategically distribute and expand Tournament Seeker to such a wide open world of new markets.

One concept revolves around connecting with experienced enthusiasts who may be interested in a form of franchising a specific division of Tournament Seeker.  For instance, if we connect with a team of event organizers who thrive by hosting volleyball tournaments, they may soon have the opportunity to introduce Tournament Seeker to their community of volleyball enthusiasts and in turn, profit from building it in within the engaged network they serve.

In conclusion, we have something pretty neat on the horizon and our team would enjoy answering questions and discussing ways to expand our existing goals with people wanting to do big things.  For general questions or inquiries about getting involved, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you’d rather watch from the sidelines, we invite you to stay tuned around here, keep an eye on, and watch for updates throughout the social media landscape.

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