10 Year Anniversary

Celebrating 10 Years!

2017 marks our 10 year anniversary as a company! Along with an amazing community of gamers who have fueled everything Jet Set Studio has achieved, here are 10 memorable moments from the past 10 years!

– Launching www.GatheringofGamers.com back when MySpace was cool.
– Our first large video game tournament, which was in an IMAX theater.
– Collaborating with Microsoft, BlackBerry and Brocade at corporate VIP events nationwide.
– Experiencing the rise of eSports and connecting with pro gamers.
– Being invited to the E3 Expo in Los Angeles three years in a row.
– Hosting a community-driven podcast, called the GoGcast.
– Partnering with Gaming Generations to create The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge.
– Producing a variety of gaming events at universities nationwide.
– Building our largest video game event to date, UGC Niagara.
– Launching a search engine for eSports, called Tournament Seeker.

Overall, our team has learned what it means to be dedicated entrepreneurs whose passion is the art of connection. We’ve also learned that travel expands your mind and that it’s the people who make life’s adventures so special.

We all have big ideas and we live in a connected era, so we are thankful for the unique opportunity to build our dreams into reality. Thank you!

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