1 Million Cups

The story of Jet Set Studio was presented in a unique setting this week.  1 Million Cups Des Moines, which spawned from the original concept developed at Kauffman Labs in Kansas City, is an entrepreneur-driven networking event where founders are able to share a short background on their business.  Along with a great networking environment each week, the meaningful feedback entrepreneurs are able to receive from the community is what we believe really makes this gathering special.

Founder and CEO, Ben McDougal, was asked to share the story of Jet Set Studio at this event.  With coffee cup in hand and legs crossed while sitting in a comfy chair, Ben shared the untold story of how Jet Set Studio came to be back in 2007.  He also highlighted the progressive vision of our company and highlighted the recent launch of Tournament Seeker.

A few minutes later, it was time for Q & A with the audience.  This is really where the experience got good, because although some questions had been asked/answered many times before, a few thoughts and challenging questions really helped generate some new perspectives on what this company is doing and where we plan to go.

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