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    Jet Set Studio is a holding company that manages innovative products and provides event development services around North America. Enjoy your visit and we hope to hear from you...

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    Jet Set Studio offers a professional service, called Video Game Event Management. We collaborate with clients on a wide spectrum of ideas and look forward to hearing yours...

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    Are you interested in activating your brand within a "gamer demographic"? Jet Set Studio has products and resources that offer effective connectivity into engaged networks...

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Welcome to Jet Set Studio!

Are you looking for a place to give your brand the exciting visibility it deserves? Since 2007, Jet Set Studio has managed the video game community and search engine powerhouse, www.GatheringofGamers.com. In 2012, we proudly unveiled an all-new search engine for video game events worldwide, www.TournamentSeeker.com. These online assets are unique products that are fueled by the video game community. Jet Set Studio can integrate your organization in these engaged networks, as well as our unique collection of affiliates everywhere!

Jet Set Studio is also one of the only established companies in North America to offer professional Video Game Event Management. Whether it’s corporate entertainment at an existing event, an interact way to bring students together at your educational organization, an exciting fundraising event, or even a large-scale video game tournament, Jet Set Studio can turn almost any idea into reality!

We are glad you’re here and encourage you to browse the information around this website, perhaps even connect with us around social media. Once you realize what we’ve done, what we’re doing and where we’re headed, we hope you’ll contact us to conceptualize something amazing.